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Natural State Recovery Clients Art on Display at AMFA Grand Opening

After years of anticipation, the newly redesigned Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts (formerly the Arkansas Arts Center) reopened to the public on April 22nd. Part of the opening celebrations included the unveiling of the Art Garden, a community art project installed on the AMFA grounds at MacArthur Park. The Art Garden consisted of thousands of origami lotus flowers artfully placed on a mossy terrace, appearing to bloom in a colorful celebration of the grand opening.

However, what made the Art Garden particularly special was that it contained individual lotus flowers handmade by Natural State Recovery clients. This project began with making cyanotype printed paper for the origami process.

Once the cyanotype paper was dry, some clients chose to write an encouraging message to themselves on the paper. Adding a personal message set the intentionality for the final step of the project. The cyanotype paper was then folded into an origami lotus flower. The imagery and messages were obscured by the folding, but those encouraging sentiments were carefully contained within each flower.

The completed lotus flowers were then delivered to the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts where they were assembled into the larger Art Garden installation. Now, those personal messages of hope and encouragement for each individual's recovery lives on in the Art Garden now on display. The Art Garden will remain on display for the duration of the grand opening celebrations.

This collaborative art project is just one example of the unique and thoughtful care clients receive at Natural State Recovery Centers. As part of their holistic approach to addiction treatment, Natural State Recovery Centers offers therapeutic art classes, yoga, physical exercise, pet therapy, and music. It’s part of their evidence-based approach to treatment that nurtures a person back to health in mind, body, and spirit. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, Natural State Recovery Centers can help. We’re with you at every step. Call today (501) 319-7074.


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