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TikTok Stars at Natural State Recovery Centers

In today's digital age, social media platforms like TikTok have become a breeding ground for creativity, entertainment, and inspiration. Among the countless viral videos and trends that flood our feeds, two Arkansas women have touched the hearts of millions. Through a series of raw and authentic videos, they share their remarkable journeys of overcoming addiction and rebuilding their lives. Mikaila Wingfield and Marybeth Hill are two incredible women in long term recovery with an inspiring story to share.

Like many others trapped in addiction, both Mikaila’s and Marybeth's stories began in a dark place. Both women began using substances in their teens to cope with trauma. Mikaila shares that she turned to substances to battle feelings of abandonment and thoughts of “not being good enough.” Marybeth found an escape in substances to avoid confronting her traumatic experiences as a child. Both women share feeling isolated and ashamed of their addiction, but that only triggered more desire to use. Yet, their resilience and determination propelled them both to seek help and embark on a path of recovery. Now with 11 years clean between them, Marybeth and Mikaila decided to tell their stories.

But being vulnerable in front of the entire world isn’t easy. “I was so scared to post the video of me coming home from prison to my kids,” shares Marybeth. “Noone wants to share the ugly parts of their lives, nobody wants to show the hurt and pain addiction causes the families.” But Marybeth knew this was something that people needed to be aware of, so she took a deep breath and bared her soul. Similarly, Mikaila shares openly about her most vulnerable moments. She tells her story about overdosing 13 times and attending 3 different treatment centers in a video that unapologetically shows Mikalia in an non-responsive overdosed state. The sheer vulnerability and authenticity they displayed struck a chord with viewers worldwide. People resonated with their honesty and recognized their own battles, sparking a wave of empathy and support.

Mikaila says “When the video of me overdosing went viral, the comments and direct messages started to pour in.” A community of individuals, both in recovery and seeking support, began to rally around her. They left heartfelt comments, shared their own stories, and offered words of encouragement. In turn, Mikaila responded with unwavering support and created a safe space where people felt understood and valued.

Both Mikaila and Marybeth use TikTok not only to share their personal stories, but also educate and bring awareness around addiction and recovery. Marybeth says “using TikTok puts the ball in our court. There’s a lot of myth and stigma around addiction but using TikTok allows us to tell our own story.” Mikaila agrees saying “showing people that we are human beings helps ease the stigma.” Together these women have debunked misconceptions and offered valuable insights into the complexities of recovery. With over 19 million combined views on their TikTok videos, their platforms have become a powerful resource for those seeking knowledge and understanding, amplifying the dialogue surrounding addiction and mental well-being.

With their newfound stardom, Mikaila and Marybeth have discovered a deeper sense of purpose. As Marybeth puts it, “recovery is my life and my passion. If I can help just one person who is still sick and suffering then I’m happy.” But Marybeth has already helped multitudes of people. As the Office Manager and Intake Coordinator at Natural State Recovery Centers Outpatient facility, Marybeth works everyday to place individuals seeking help in treatment centers. In fact, she uses her expertise to help her TikTok followers too. “I get messages from people all over the country saying they’re ready to change their lives and want to know where to start. I’ve even helped coordinate people getting into recovery programs in other states.”

Mikaila says she hopes to “bring awareness to the ones that are not educated about substance abuse, promote recovery and provide a safe place for others struggling to reach out. Also to show others recovery is fun and that you can get clean young.” Like Marybeth, Mikaila has devoted her life to helping others even when she’s not making TikToks. Mikaila is a Peer Support Specialist at Natural State Recovery Centers and lends her lived experience in service to those in the early stages of recovery. As a Peer Specialist, Mikaila serves as a friend, role model, a shoulder to cry on, and guiding light working one on one with patients at Natural State Recovery Centers.

In a world where social media often seems inundated with superficiality, Mikaia Wingfield and Marybeth Hill stand out as beacons of hope. Their courage to be brutally honest and share their stories has touched the lives of millions around the globe. Through TikTok, they found a platform to inspire, educate, and create a community of healing. Marybeth and Mikaila remind us that with a powerful message and a voice, you can start a movement of transformation and empathy.


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