What Sets Us Apart



  • Admission process / patient orientation / blackout

  • 1 hour of individual therapy, or more as needed, per week

  • 25 hours of group therapy weekly

  • An initial History and Physical from our medical director in the first 7 days, as well as wellness visits each month, or as needed, utilizing western and naturopathic medicine.

  • UA test upon admission. 3 UA tests, randomly, per week for phase 1

  • At least one 12-step meeting per day.

  • Weekly staff-supervised community events and projects

  • Weekly staff supervised gym/exercise time.

  • Initial family contact and weekly progress call to patient’s family.

  • Staff supervision, on-site, 24-hours a day.

  • Weekly shopping, meal planning, and cooking by clients, supervised by staff.

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Sober Living

  • An amicable area in which to recover

  • With significantly fewer staff members, the cost is less than that of a rehabilitation center.

  • Contributions towards housing will usually not exceed the normal rate for a modest apartment for one person.

  • Support and encouragement of those in similar situations which often results in lasting friendships.

  • Comfortable living in a home setting while recovering.

  • Resources to help residents re-enter the community including access to events, hobbies, jobs, and community groups.

  • 24 hours access to staff

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