Covid test completed within 24 hours prior of admission or proof of 2 vaccinations completed.

What to Bring to Treatment:

• 7-10 days worth of clothing including underwear, socks, shorts, workout attire, comfortable shoes, etc.; laundry facilities are on the premises

• Enough cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and disposable vapes to last your entire stay in treatment (MUST be unopened/sealed)

​• A debit card to keep on file for staff to buy tobacco products 

​• No more than 5 cosmetic items

• Unopened toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc.), hairbrushes, and toothbrushes

• Personal ID, Social Security Card, Insurance Card

• Prescription medication

• List of contacts written down

• No more than 2 small pieces of luggage or one large piece

• No more than 5 cosmetic items

Natural State Recovery’s primary goal is the safety of our patients, staff and visitors. The restrictions below are not designed to be punitive in nature but strictly as a safety precaution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Because some items have the potential to harm patients, staff, or visitors or disrupt healthcare operations, we restrict the following items:

What to Leave at Home:


• Open tobacco products and non-disposable vapes

• Valuables (jewelry, large amounts of cash)

• No pillows or blankets from home

• Aerosol hairspray and hair dye

• Alcohol or drug products including perfume/cologne (anything including alcohol in the first five ingredients)

• Electronics (we encourage you to bring cell phones to travel however they will be locked up

upon arrival)

• Weapons of any kind (guns, knives, brass knuckles, chains, razor blades, etc.)

• Illegal drugs, narcotics, and alcohol

• Open hygiene products

• Candy, gum, and any other food items

• Blankets and (pillows unless used for a medical related condition)

• NO excessively tight or revealing attire will be permitted (Shirts MUST cover the navel area)