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Please also note that all incoming clients to residential treatment MUST have negative
COVID test results no more than 24 hours out from their admission date.


What to Bring to Treatment:

NSRC asks that you confine your items to 1 large piece of luggage or 2 smaller size bags​

  • ID/Drivers License; Social Security Card; Insurance Card *MUST HAVE PHOTO ID*

  • 7-10 days of clothing (including socks, underwear, workout attire, comfortable shoes
    etc.) - laundry facilities are on the premises

  • Unopened toiletries (shampoo, conditioner; toothpaste, etc), hairbrush and toothbrush

  • Prescription Medication(s)

  • No more than 5 cosmetic items

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Enough tobacco products -must be unopened or sealed- (cigarettes; disposable vapes, chewing tobacco) to last your stay at treatment

  • A written list of contacts you may need while in treatment

  • Paper, pens, envelopes and stamps

  • A water bottle/refillable cup

  • Petty cash/change for vending machine purchases

Natural State Recovery’s primary goal is the safety of our clients, staff and visitors. The restrictions below are not designed to be punitive in nature but strictly as a safety precaution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Because some items have the potential to harm clients, staff, or visitors or disrupt healthcare operations, we restrict the following items:



What to Leave at Home:


  • Open tobacco products and non-disposable vapes

  • Valuables (jewelry, large amounts of cash)

  • No pillows, blankets or stuffed animals from home

  • Aerosol hairspray and hair dye

  • Alcohol or drug products including perfume/cologne (anything including alcohol in the first five ingredients)

  • Electronics (we encourage you to bring cell phones to travel however they will be locked up upon arrival)

  • Weapons of any kind (guns, knives, brass knuckles, chains, razor blades, etc.)

  • No Narcotic Medications; even if prescribed

  • Open hygiene products

  • No food or drink is allowed to be brought in for or by clients

  • Blankets and (pillows unless used for a medical related condition)

  • NO excessively tight or revealing attire (shirts MUST cover your entire torso)


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