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Family Involvement


The Family Program at Natural State Recovery Centers consists of a suite of services geared at addressing the needs and identified goals of family members and loved ones that have been impacted, directly or indirectly, by the substance use and associated issues of another person.  

Systems adapt to dysfunction to maintain balance and avoid catastrophic failure.  We change our behaviors based on what is happening to those around us in order to keep our lives on track.  These changes are a natural and normal reaction. As difficulties pile up, our ways of coping become regular patterns.  In this way, the substance use and co-occurring issues of one person change the way the entire system behaves, and create roles that are very difficult to alter.  Imagine if this type of dynamic has been occurring for many years.  Imagine if dysfunction was introduced to the system multiple generations ago…

Family systems are extremely resilient, and with proper support and therapy, families do find happiness and balance that is not predicated on their loved one remaining abstinent from mood-altering substances.  Additionally, families that enter their own therapeutic process learn effective ways to manage stress and crisis, and dramatically improve the chances of their loved one achieving long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

Like our other programs, we completely customize treatment to meet your family’s specific needs and goals, implementing a host of evidenced based therapies as appropriate.

Elements of our family program include:

  • Family counseling referrals

  • Skills training/coaching

  • Community support groups (Alanon)

  • Education

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