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Yoga in Recovery

The purpose of Yoga in Recovery is to enhance the joyous adventure of recovery from alcoholism/addiction by opening the body up to grace, peace, contentment, and power. This is done through a format that combines physical meditation (yoga postures and principles); guided meditation & breath work as a means to focus on themes of recovery within traditional 12 step programs.

Yoga in recovery was created by a recovering addict/alcoholic for recovering addicts/alcoholics. This is an experience of serenity, empowerment, and calm. Its mission is to bring about a deeper more physically routed – even cellular, contented recovery. The idea is that addicts and alcoholics in recovery are not broken, but are broken open to their greatness. There is no trauma too severe that we can address and work through.

We guide clients into a place where not only can they survive the disease of addiction/alcoholism, but thrive in the community of recovery as well as their own lives.

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